Welcome to Software Trials

Have you ever paid for software only to find out it wasn't what you thought it would be? Perhaps it didn't have the features you were looking for. Worse still, maybe it didn't run on your computer at all. Money down the drain on something that was of no use to you.

All products here on our site have free trials accompanying them. This means you can try software for free to see if it suits your needs without any commitment to buying.

If you do decide to buy you can do it securely online, a registration key will be emailed to you instantly so you can turn the trial into a fully working version without any long waits.

What are the advantages of buying the software over a free trial?

Most free trials will either expire after a certain time or number of uses, or will have some functionality removed from them. The purpose of the free trial is to give you a limited opportunity to try it out and get an idea of what it can do. For extended use you will want to buy it.

Is is safe to order the software online?

Absolutely. Payment for all of the trials are handled by our partners Avangate, eSellerate and RegNow - all leading companies in software sales over the Internet. Any personal information is highly encrypted so the transactions are secure. On pages where such information is being transmitted you will see the 'lock' symbol in your browser.